Ancestry Dry Dog Food


Each ingredient we select is quarantined and lab tested several times throughout the cooking process. It must meet all the highest industry standards. To boot, 100% of our food is manufactured in the continental USA. Let’s feed pets closer to home.

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Ancestry kibble is super dense with the nutrients that your pet deserves. Our experience is that pets that eat Ancestry get full quicker, with less food. We have heard stories of dogs eating a full cup or two less per day when compared to other brands. Ancestry is packed with energy, plenty of amino acids, and healthy fats to keep coats shiny and bodies full of vitality.

We have also found that Ancestry enjoys a consistently high palatability across all formulas. Easier digestion across diets makes transitioning between formulas easier on your pet. Rotating between diets will not only pique his interest, but it will also expose your pet to even more diverse proteins to keep the digestive system on its A-game. Good just got better.

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Chicken Meal & Rice, Lamb Meal & Rice


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